Set of Coasters (6)


This wonderful set of coasters in a deep blue colour, with white, and natural patterns adds a beautiful texture to any room. Made from grasses local to Rwanda and tightly bound to give a beautiful strong finish. 


Made by an incredible organisation in Rwanda, Talking Through Art is an NGO which helps train and give disabled people new skills, confidence, and a deserved place in the job market. Alongside the main weaving workshops, they also provide art therapy, English classes, family planning, and other life skill classes, all in an effort to build confidence of members, strengthen their self-esteem, and help them become independent and active participants of the Rwandan society.


Made in Rwanda by Talking Through Art

Material: Natural grass
Sizes: 10cm diameter
Care: Spot clean


    • Handmade

      As with all handmade items, slight variations in shape, design and colour may occur, making each product one of a kind.

    • Details about each product

      Along with every purchase we provide an information card with full details of the origin, artisans and care information, so that you can trace the item right back to its maker. 

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