QÄSA QÄSA stems from the Amharic (Ethiopian) word to mean 

inspire | awake | motivate

Taking inspiration from our heritage, we founded QÄSA QÄSA in 2015 and set off on a journey to explore the incredibly diverse skills of artisans in Eastern Africa. We have a passion for discovering traditional craftsmanship and this forms the inspiration behind our collection of handmade home accents. We are a contemporary homeware shop offering covetable, one of a kind pieces that have been designed to inspire the curious. Every QÄSA QÄSA product comes with a story and honours the creativity of the regions they work in. 


QÄSA QÄSA  places great importance on our ethical and social responsibilities and are continuing to develop and adapt to ensure our footprint and ethics are considered in all decisions. 


Our principles of care:

  • We use natural materials and all processes are made by hand

  • Our artisans set their own price for their work

  • Worker Welfare -  we pay fair wages, we aim to create a virtuous cycle of opportunity for our artisans by providing them with continued work and a reliable income. 

  • We are working on ensuring our brand plants a tree for every purchase made from 2022, empowering the customer to make a tangible difference through their purchase. 

  • We collect and reuse packaging where possible to reduce our impact

  • Many of our products are made using offcuts/discarded materials and are repurposed into new designs


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We look forward to growing our collection and sharing our stories with you. 

Aniqah & Naeema 

Left: Aniqah  |  Right: Naeema