QÄSA QÄSA stems from the Amharic (Ethiopian) word to mean 

inspire | awake | motivate

Taking inspiration from our heritage, we founded QÄSA QÄSA in 2015 and set off on a journey to explore the incredibly diverse skills of artisans in Eastern Africa. We have a passion for discovering traditional craftsmanship and this forms the inspiration behind our collection of handmade home accents. We are a contemporary homeware shop offering covetable, one of a kind pieces that have been designed to inspire the curious.


We have partnered with exceptional artisans, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and community groups in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Malawi to design and source unique products that combine traditional skills with modern design. All of our pieces are meticulously handcrafted using local and indigenous materials and take into account sustainability and ethical production.


Our collection ranges from utensils and serve-ware made from wood and horn, as well as textiles that utilise the best of African cotton and eri silk. We also have a range of basket-ware made from locally grown grasses and glass storage jars made using re-purposed wine bottles - a great example of contemporary fusion combined with functionality.


Each of our items is either designed or hand-picked by us, for you and your home and we reveal the inspiring stories behind every product and its maker. Our pieces celebrate the creativity of each region and showcase the new and contemporary edge to current African design. 


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We look forward to growing our collection and sharing our stories with you. 

Aniqah & Naeema 

Left: Aniqah  |  Right: Naeema