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The inspiration behind Amsha was the belief that everyone should have access to education. By creating jobs for those in under served communities and supporting self sufficiency, future generations could be educated.

Amsha is able to drive social change in areas of Rwanda by bringing quality and ethically made goods to the marketplace. They work with six women's co-operatives and several independent artisans across Africa to create mindful home and lifestyle products. The artisans are provided with skills training, market access, fair pay, a collaborative work environment and a path for economic independence. 


Combining modern design with traditional techniques, over 700 talented women weave bowls and baskets featuring intricate designs using sisal and sweetgrass. The sisal is hand dyed and woven around sweetgrass, a fragrant grass with a subtle sweetness. 

Each beautiful work of art provides the artisans with a steady income, enabling them to have a better quality of life.

View our Amsha Baskets here.

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