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Mtwara, Tanzania


From L - R:  Jackson, Daniel, Filbert, Joseph

Inspired by functional design and the shapes, tastes and culture of Tanzania, we have created a collection of wooden pieces for the kitchen and home using locally sourced indigenous wood - Mninga and African Blackwood.


Our small group of Makonde wood carvers are based in Mtwara, southern Tanzania. We work directly with them from concept to creation to have our designs produced. Each piece is carefully carved from a single piece of wood and takes several hours to make. The carver first saws a block of wood to the required size, then creates a rough outline by hacking away excess wood. The carving is all done freehand with hammers, chisels and rasps, before finally sanding the piece to ensure smoothness and enhance the natural grain of the wood.


The Makonde tribe is renowned for their wood carving skills, which are passed down for generations from father to son. Each piece embodies their heritage and carries with it a part of the makers history.


We are committed to preserving this tradition by offering our artisans a platform to connect to the global marketplace. We provide fair wages and entrust them with innovative designs, training workshops and opportunities to sustain themselves, allowing them to make larger contributions to their own community.


Your purchase fosters their skill and passion and helps to keep time-honoured heritage techniques alive, while creating economic and social value. 

Shop our full range of wooden utensils here.

Watch videos of the carving process
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