Imani Artwork

Imani Artwork


Imani means 'faith' in Kiswahili.


We have created these limited edition original artworks with our artist Charles, in an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for anti-racism in the UK. Moved by the Black Lives Matter movement and inspired by the lack of skin tone diversity in educational posters and nursery walls, we set out to create this series of artworks that we have named Imani and Yaro.


They are available in four languages - English, French, Kiswahili and Spanish. We hope they will be used to adorn the walls of kids and adult rooms alike


For every piece sold, we will be donating 20% to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to support inequality in all it’s forms, and hopefully play a part in transforming the life chances of young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds.


The trust is committed to helping young people build a brighter future and support those from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. As such we feel these Imani and Yaro artworks are rather fitting to this cause and will play a part in creating a fairer and more inclusive society, where regardless of race, ethnicity or background, everyone has a chance to flourish.


Our artist Charles is based in Tanzania and produces a diverse array of artworks. He creates large scale murals for schools with educational imagery, often with a wonderful humour. He also creates traditional Tinga Tinga style paintings, as well as developing his own unique abstract style. We are thrilled to be representing Charles' distinctive works of art.


Made in Tanzania by Charles Msoga 


Material: 300gsm paper and acrylic paint 

Size: 29cm x 21cm

Signed at the back of the artwork

Note: Skin tones and colours may vary across the artworks as each piece is individually hand painted.

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  • Handmade

    As with all handmade items, slight variations in shape, design and colour may occur, making each product one of a kind.

  • Details about each product

    Along with every purchase we provide an information card with full details of the origin and artisan, so that you can trace the item right back to its maker. 

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