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Imani Giclée Print

Imani Giclée Print


Imani means 'faith' in Kiswahili.


We have created these giclée prints in an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for anti-racism in the UK. Moved by the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of skin tone diversity in educational posters, we set out to create this series of artworks that we have named Imani and Yaro. We hope they will be used to adorn the walls of kids and adult rooms alike.


Charles, the artist is based in Tanzania and produces a diverse array of artworks. He creates large scale murals for schools with educational imagery, often with a wonderful humour. He also creates traditional Tinga Tinga style paintings, as well as developing his own distinctive abstract style. Each giclée print is from an original painting, therefore all eight prints available in differing languages are unique.


We have had the pleasure of knowing Charles since the inception of QÄSA QÄSA. He was instrumental in helping us set up our carvers workshop and we are thrilled to be representing his distinctive works of art.


For every piece sold, we will be donating to the Blueprint for All charity (formally Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) to support inequality in all its forms, and hopefully play a part in transforming the life chances of young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds so they can build a bright future for themselves.


We feel these Imani and Yaro artworks are rather fitting to this cause and will play a part in creating a fairer and more inclusive society, where regardless of race, ethnicity or background, everyone can succeed.


Material: 210gsm paper 

Size: A4

Packaging: Potato / corn starch biodegradable bag