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Imperfect Blantyre Jars

Imperfect Blantyre Jars


Ideal in the kitchen or bathroom, or just as display pieces, these bottles are a great and fun addition to any room.


These particular jars are in excellent condition, but may have one of the following: a small mark on the lid / minute cracks / lid slightly loose fitting / dis-colouration to wood.


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Watch a video showing the making of the Blantyre Jars

Made in Malawi

Material: Re-purposed wine bottles with mahogany lids


Size: 21cm height x 7.5cm diameter (approx)


Care: Hand-wash and dry wooden lid straight after


  • Handmade

    As with all handmade items, some variations in shape, design and colour may occur, making each product wonderfully unique. 

  • Details about each product

    Along with every purchase we provide an information card with full details of the origin, artisans and care information, so that you can trace the item right back to its maker.