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Talking Through Art creates opportunities for people with disabilities in Rwanda. It was established as an NGO in 2015 following the success of an art therapy programme that the founder had led for destitute people with special needs. 


Their mission is to help disabled people gain new skills and a well deserved place in the job market. 

Talking Through Art has over 80 members in Rwanda. Their main activity is vocational training in basket weaving and craft making. The women who join receive comprehensive and practical training in these arts and are also provided with materials to start weaving. Upon completion of the baskets, the women are paid an above average market price for each product.

Through their work with Talking Through Art, the members are able to build their confidence, strengthen their self-esteem and become independent, empowered and active participants of Rwandan society.

The NGO also provides art therapy, English classes, family planning and other life skill classes, all in an effort to enable the artisans to have a better quality of life. Additionally, Talking Through Art provides school fees for the children of the beneficiaries so they are able to attend school.

View our Talking Through Art Baskets here.

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