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We love the Welsh tradition of giving a Love Spoon on a special occasion. Treat your loved one to one of our exclusive and handmade spoons below! We'll ensure it's beautifully wrapped and delivered in time for Valentines Day. We'll include a personalised (or anonomous?!) note from you along with details of the artisan who handmade their gift. Roses last a week, but a spoon lasts a lifetime.
 To order email, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Sugar Scoop  £14.00

Sugar Scoop £14.00

Hand-carved from locally sourced Mninga wood in Tanzania by skilled artisans. This design has a versatile and elegant shape that can be used as a coffee scoop or for grains and baking. It has a wonderful red brown grain and would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Blackwood Spoons  £12.00/£15.00

Blackwood Spoons £12.00/£15.00

One of our best-sellers, these African blackwood spoons are unique in design and wonderful to eat, scoop and cook with. They come in two sizes and are great for using with spices, flour or even to serve canapés in. They are handcarved in southern Tanzania.

Condiment / Caviar Spoon  £9.50

Condiment / Caviar Spoon £9.50

For the condiment or caviar lover, these luminescent horn spoons are perfect for dipping into that jar of something special! Sustainably sourced and made in an artisanal workshop in Uganda from Ankole cow horn. Each spoon has a unique grain and character depending reflecting the beauty of the material.

Grain Spoon  £28.00

Grain Spoon £28.00

A beautifully hand-carved serving spoon made from Tanzanian coconut wood and African blackwood by skilled artisans in Tanzania. These are made exclusively for QÄSA QÄSA by jewellery designer Nyumbani Design.

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