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Meet the Maker | WomenCraft

WomenCraft is an inspiring and empowering social enterprise that employs more than 300 rural East African women artisans to produce hand woven home decor items that are made from natural fibres. These handmade products preserve cultural traditions as well as the local environment.

Based in Ngara, north-western Tanzania, a post-conflict border area where Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania meet, WomenCraft has created economic opportunities for refugee women impacted by conflict and civil war. This extraordinary, rarely-visited part of the world is defined by green hills, river valleys and its distinctive culture.

One of WomenCraft's main goals is to empower these women by giving them the possibility to create products that are connected to their culture and talents. By helping to facilitate the artisans growth and connecting their artistry to the global market place, the women are able to advance themselves and raise stronger families. Despite living in one of the poorest parts of the world, they are rising above poverty, stimulating their local economies and inspiring the world around them.

WomenCraft has brought together rural women from three countries to work as one organisation with one common goal. The weaving talents, commonalities in language and culture has helped reduce post-conflict tensions and build unity. WomenCraft operates under fair trade principles and goes beyond the fair trade wage scales to pay the artisans. They have revived the importance of basket weaving in the area by enabling the women to pass on traditional weaving skills to their daughters as an income generating opportunity.

We have been lucky enough to partner with them and are grateful to all of the amazing artisans that have produced our pieces for us. They are the driving force behind WomenCraft and are the ultimate reason it exists.

If you would like to view or purchase any of our WomenCraft products, please click below:

Visit WomenCraft's website to find out more about all the work that they do.

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