My travels through Tanzania, Kenya & Ethiopia

My trip around Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia in September & October 2019 was nothing short of incredible. I have attempted to consolidate the details of my travels into this one pager and included lots of photos as I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is still a fairly long read but I hope you enjoy it! At the end of each section, I've listed my favourite things to do in those places, and at the very end I've shared a recipe for Mandazi's. The trip was a combination of work and visiting family and although I have been to Tanzania and Kenya a number of times (I am originally from there and have a strong connection to both countries) I was lucky enough to discover new place

Mandazi Recipe

These light and fluffy East African donuts - called Mandazi or Mahambri - are addictive pillows of joy and we grew up devouring them! Mandazi's are typically eaten for breakfast alongside a traditional dish called Bharazi (pigeon peas in coconut sauce). The slightly sweet Mandazi's combined with the savouriness of Bharazi is wonderful. However, our favourite way to eat Mandazi is with a cup of tea or just on their own when they are warm. My recipe is a quick and easy one, and it's vegan too! In Tanzania and Kenya, they use more traditional methods, like extracting pure coconut milk from freshly grated young coconuts and kneading the dough by hand. But for the sake of simplicity and in the ab

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