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How To Use Our Wooden Utensils

We have a diverse collection of wooden utensils that can be used in many different ways - from muddling cocktails and mixing wet and dry ingredients to scooping everything from spices to lightly whipped cream. The more we use them, the better they feel. Beyond their beauty, they have many benefits and we've designed them to be practical.

Below, we've shared photographs of how we personally use our wooden utensils in our own homes in an everyday setting, as well as some styled shots which demonstrate how each piece can be used when you're entertaining. We hope these images give you some inspiration, and if you do decide to gift yourself a piece or two, we hope you love using it as much as we do.

Our Rice Paddle with its large head and sturdy handle effectively sweeps and stirs grains but we also use it to serve roasted vegetables, lasagna and potato salad. It's also wonderful to cook and stir with, and the perfect tool to make risotto, allowing us to get every bit of grain. The kids love using it too.

Our Small Snack Bowl serves many purposes as you can see above. It's one of our favourite ways to serve our homemade carrot 'achar' (pickle). We also fill them up with nuts, olives and dips for when we have friends over.

Another utensil that is great for all the family to use is our Serving Spoon. It works really well as a salad server and equally well with baked dishes, cut fruits and puddings. As you can see above, it's effective for little fingers too. Lightweight, comfortable and can be hung as a decorative piece in the kitchen.

The small and large African Blackwood Scoops are super useful. We've stuck the small ones into all our spice jars and used the large one to eat papaya with. Other things we use them for are in our salt and pepper pinch pots, sugar jars and as a chutney spoon.

Our most used utensil from our collection is our Lemon Squeezer. A fan favourite and famous after being featured in the Financial Times, it is incredibly tactile and works wonders to squeeze out every little drop from lemons and limes and any other small citrus fruit. It's also a handy tool to keep on the dining table for when you want to add a little extra zing to your salads, soups or curries.

Originally designed to use with salt, sugar and spices, we soon realised the Samaki Spoon was ideal as a dip spoon (we love our dips especially muhammara). A few months ago, it was used as a canapé spoon to serve a cardamom and camel milk spherification, so if you want to impress your guests, then this is the spoon for you!

Our Pantry Scoop is a timeless and practical piece for all your pantry needs. We use it to scoop flour and sugar when we're baking mostly, but also have one sitting in some of our larger jars where we keep rice and lentils.

The Jikoni Scoop is our everyday go to - we use it with seeds, tea leaves, coffee, dried herbs and even as a pinch pot. It's a cute little tool but especially useful. We've even kept one in our granola jar.

It goes without saying that our Coffee Scoop is the ultimate utensil for coffee lovers. It is indeed a multifaceted tool however, and a great scoop for all things in your pantry. Another scoop that has a permanent home in some of our jars.

Who would've thought that a spoon could spark joy. Well, our Zanzibar Condiment Spoon certainly does, especially when we use it to pour honey. It's beautiful to watch! Of course we use it for other things too like chutneys, jams and agave.

Last but not least, our Sugar Scoop. Despite being called that, it's so versatile. We use it to scoop moringa powder for our morning smoothies and measure our quinoa and bulgur wheat portions. It's also a show stopper if you use it as a canapé spoon.

We hope you've found this article useful. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions about the sizes or uses. To find out more about each individual piece, click here. We're also happy to make recommendations and can advise on what you can pair with each utensil if you're thinking of gifting it with a foodie item.

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