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Five Reasons Why You Should Use Wooden Utensils

Wooden spoons and utensils have a rich cultural history. They have played an important role in kitchens around the world for years and have been used to cook and serve food with for generations. We remember the days when our grandparents used them in their kitchens.

These days however, wooden utensils have been replaced with various materials such as plastic, silicone and metals. Whilst each material may have its pros and cons, the natural and organic texture of wood makes them a timeless cooking tool. So here are five reasons why we think you should choose wood.

1) They are durable and made to last

Wood is a hard wearing material and can withstand daily use. Nothing compares to the strong, sturdy and smooth grip of a wooden spoon which also feels lightweight in the hand and comfortable to use. Our pieces are hand carved with the utmost care and designed to last a lifetime unlike plastic spatulas that you have to replace every few years.

2) They are versatile

There are a lot of benefits to using wooden spoons. They are a multifaceted tool that can be used with a variety of foods suiting both sweet and savoury dishes. For example, our Sugar Scoop is not just limited to sugar. It works well with spices or seeds too, and our Rice Paddle is great for serving roast vegetables. The design of wooden utensils complements other kitchen tools and helps with the overall quality of the food we make.

3) They are better for the environment

Wood is a naturally renewable resource so will not have an adverse impact on the environment like plastic and metal. Wooden utensils do not require artificial or harmful substances to make, so they won't leach any chemicals into your food. And if they eventually need to be disposed of, they will decompose naturally. Plastic spoons can melt and release carcinogens so choosing wood as your material of choice is a responsible way forward.

4) They are gentle and non-scratch

Wood is much less abrasive than metal and a lot smoother, so you can rest assured that your precious pots and pans, vulnerable non-stick cookware, glass storage jars and special china will not be in danger of being scratched, even if you need to scrape off any stubborn bits from the bottom of your pan.

5) They add style to your kitchen

Each piece is a work of art, featuring it's own beautiful wood grain. They look classic and elegant, and a kitchen full of thoughtfully made wooden pieces never fails to impress. A lovely collection of wooden spoons can separate a good kitchen from a great one and cooking with some style certainly doesn’t hurt!

Wood may come with some disadvantages such as having to hand wash the utensils and oiling them from time to time to prolong their lifespan, but we believe the pros outweigh the cons.

In an effort to offset our carbon footprint and give back to the planet, we plant trees through our partnership with the International Tree Foundation. Every purchase contributes towards forest reforestation in Africa and enables communities to help restore forests and woodlands, conserve habitats rich in bio-diversity and help communities who rely upon forests to develop prosperous sustainable livelihoods.

All of our wooden utensils are entirely hand crafted. Each piece is carved from a single piece of wood using tools such as hammers, chisels and rasps keeping alive age old techniques. No electricity is used and our carvers use off cuts and fallen branches from forests nearby. The whole process is a community effort that fosters economically sustainable opportunities for our artisans.

View our full collection of wooden utensils here and find out more about our Makonde Wood Carvers.

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