My travels through Tanzania, Kenya & Ethiopia

My trip around Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia in September & October 2019 was nothing short of incredible. I have attempted to consolidate the details of my travels into this one pager and included lots of photos as I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is still a fairly long read but I hope you enjoy it!

At the end of each section, I've listed my favourite things to do in those places, and at the very end I've shared a recipe for Mandazi's.

The trip was a combination of work and visiting family and although I have been to Tanzania and Kenya a number of times (I am originally from there and have a strong connection to both countries) I was lucky enough to discover new places, meet amazing people and visit Ethiopia for the first time.


I started in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's commercial hub and a thriving tropical metropolis. I met with and discovered some wonderful organisations and products. It was inspiring to see great work being done by the locals to support their own local communities and discover remarkably innovative products, such as eco friendly beeswax wraps made by women who have albinism, pencils made from recycled newspapers and bamboo straws.

While in Dar, I also had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Edron from WomenCraft, who is one of our artisan partners. I hand picked a variety of wall baskets from their Refugee Collection - they are made from recycled sacks in which the refugees receive their monthly food rations.

Moyo Designs, another one of our artisan partners is also based in Dar at The Slipway. It's a vibrant and quirky East African design house and a great place to shop for striking home decor that effuses a modern, carefree and sassy kaleidoscope of Swahili style.

Dar es Salaam is well known for it's street food so I had to indulge in a couple of my favourites - Zanzibari mix and mishkaki! The food scene is wonderfully diverse, the markets are vibrant and bustling and the beaches are fabulous.

Five best things to do in Dar:

  • Check out Coco Beach / Oyster Bay areas

  • Eat Zanzibari Mix and Mishkaki (BBQ'd meat)

  • Visit the vibrant Kanga / Kitenge shops in the market area in town

  • Spend a day on the stunning beaches of Kigamboni or take a boat out to one of the islands