As the earliest spring buds are starting to blossom, crocuses growing in circles around trees and daffodils lighting up the pavements, we look forward to the warmer nights ahead.​

This time last year we were testing ​our samples​ for our QÄSA | FLORAL ​candle with the wonderful Earl of East founders Paul & Niko. ​

QÄSA | FLORAL ​is our signature candle, created ​to bring revitalising floral notes into your homes. We've selected fragrances from exotic flowers that waft through the air on warm summery evenings on the Swahili coast. Calming & uplifting, our base notes include Ylang Ylang, Lily and Gardenia, which have been blended with Bergamot, Sandalwood, Mint and Amber. Using a certified organic Ylang Ylang oil from East Africa (Madagascar & Comoros Islands), each candle has been hand poured in London by Paul & Niko who have also worked with brands such as​ Whistles and Selfridges. ​​

We created QÄSA | FLORAL as a simple but beautiful scent, pocket sized to take on travels, but with a long burn and powerful throw. Each candle comes in a cotton pouch, together with an information card about the oils and makers, making these a ​perfect​ gift for a conscious buyer.​ Unusual for the candle industry, a QÄSA | FLORAL​ candle shows your support for​ a​ home made artisanal product, as well as support​ for ​ethically produced & organic oils.

​Earl of East's motto is to Curate | Create | Collaborate, much like how we like to work. We love their ethos and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on this incredible limited edition scent. ​

​Buy QÄSA | FLORAL here

Paul & Niko at their London Fields shop

Candle making in progress behind the scenes