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A Baby Shower Gift with a Conscience | 25% OFF

We all have a favourite blanket, something that takes you to your happy place, where your feet don't stick out the bottom, and you are wrapped in a soft embrace. We have an amazingly complex relationship with textiles, whether its a favourite t-shirt, or a muslin a baby cannot sleep without, sometimes its that soft fabric between your fingers that can calm emotions.

Our textiles are handwoven in Ethiopia, dyed with natural dyes, and made using locally grown, spun & woven, cotton and silk. They each have an incredible backstory, one that we include with every purchase. The silk is cultivated in communities by women, using the eri silk worm that eat local castor leaves and there is no waste in this process (the pupae is used as food for poultry farming, and the butterfly waste used in cosmetics in india). The silk threads are then spun by hand and then dyed naturally using pomegranate husks. The threads are woven by men on large hand-looms and then finished by hand when each tassel is hand-knotted. Sabahar, our artisan partner actively work to increase employment in Ethiopia, working with local farming industries and employing a large team who are trained and cared for like family in their workshop in Addis Adaba.

Silk is one of the best materials for babies as it adapts to temperatures, trapping heat when its cold and cooling when its too hot. It is gentle, natural, insulating and breathable and our non-bleached silk is also best for babies skin as it has no chemical coating or residue from industrial dyeing processes. Our textiles are 100% fair-trade and the video at the end of this page gives a little insight into the work that goes into making each throw.

It's a wonderfully luxurious gift and as it is an extra-large size it will grow with the baby until adulthood - an heir-loom piece, hand-woven and dyed, our Eri-Silk throw is a one of a kind gift for babies and kids.

Just for Easter we are offering 25% off our Eri Silk Throws. Use the code EASTERSILK at checkout to redeem your discount.

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