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Behind The Scenes & Beyond


This week, we've been trialling some new designs with a group of wood carvers to make a new line of spoons and scoops. Some of the artisans were previously trained at ADEA Africa in Mtwara, and have now set up their own enterprise independently called the Makonde Artisans of Tanzania.

They are now based in Arusha due to increased opportunities from tourism and Charles, our co-ordinator, is managing and carrying out some further training on our behalf to create our brand new designs. We are so proud of what they have achieved, and for setting up this new venture. We are really excited to support Charles and his group of artisans as they embark on this new journey.



One of the most exciting parts of what we do is designing, sourcing, and working with artisans to bring new designs to market. However we do this mindfully and don't stick to the traditional change in product lines by 'seasons'. We are conscious that some of our high street counterparts change their collections regularly. QÄSA QÄSA works differently. We strive to have products that are on trend, but we also feel that regular change in product lines can be wasteful. We try to work with a sustainable model, where not only the materials are sustainable, but people and the planet are considered.

It might be a slower movement, but being a conscious and mindful retailer is really important to us.


Mother's Day is coming soon, shop thoughtful ethical gifts online at £40 and under

Mother's Day is coming soon, shop thoughtful ethical gifts online at £40 and under






Last week at Somerset House, the International Fashion Showcase brought together the best up-and-coming fashion talent from around the world.

We were excited to see representation from the incredibly talented Mizero Cedric from Rwanda and Ami Doshi Shah from Kenya. Cedric has a unique vision of fashion, which strives for social change, and Doshi Shah showcased her incredible jewellery pieces, which explore the complex historical, political and material properties of salt, which has had a profound impact on Kenya’s landscape.

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