Reduce Your Footprint in Five Easy Steps

A couple of weeks ago I found myself deeply affected after watching the Guardian video below. It sent shockwaves through me to think about the affect of the plastics we've used for our entire lifetimes. Every toothbrush you've ever used, is still out there in some form. These facts have been on my mind ever since, and although I've always considered myself to be a conscious consumer, I realise there is so much more I should be doing.

After researching ways that I could really improve, and continue to work towards a more sustainable model I wanted to share with you some of the main points that I think could really help our future.


Look at what you already have and use it as much as you can, for everything that is not used: share/recycle/donate

There are a lot of conflicting ideas about where to start, but essentially it boils down to consumption, and how we use/reuse, buy and dispose of items. We all have jam jars, cloth bags, and cutlery at home, we just have to remember to take it out (and none of it has to be Pinterest-ing looking!).

Amazingly a cotton bag needs to be used around 131 times before it is better for the environment than a single-use plastic bag. You can take your reusable containers with you if you are expecting to get takeaway food – you just need something the right size that will be light enough to carry around. I've started to do this, and it's immensely satisfying!