Working from home? Our tips

We operate QÄSA QÄSA from our two homes, Aniqah in Surrey and Naeema from Kent, and it was a learning curve for us both to move from the buzz of demanding offices environments to managing that time ourselves. As current circumstances mean a lot more people will be working from home over the foreseeable future, we thought we'd gather some quick tips for those starting this journey.

Create Calm

We both respond really well to aromatherapy at home. Burning oils or candles can help you focus and instil calm. For me, fear of not leaving a candle burning unattended also keeps me at my desk and stops other distractions from creeping in. I'm currently burning rosemary oil as it clears the mind and is antiseptic.

Decluttering is calming once it's all finished, so slow it all down, and where possible try to get rid of one thing a day, a pile of old papers, toys, unused products. Sell on to others or give to charity shop. If you have lots of unused/unwanted hygiene or beauty products Beauty Banks work in a similar way to food banks to redistribute essential personal care item to those in need.

Do something unusual

Its always nice to do something at home that feels like a bit of a luxury and also a bit naughty, something you couldn't do in the office. Put a face-mask on, oil your hair, play cheesy music, something that makes you feel vibrant but allows you to work at the same time.

Turn down TECH noise

Its distracting having notifications from your personal email, work email, whatsapp, the news, social media etc. Turn off anything unnecessary for the job at hand. News is particularly distracting at the moment so try to limit access when working. (As a side note, we also liked this positive news website which highlights all the good things that are happening.)