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Four Easy & Stylish Ways To Fold Napkins

Styling napkins are one of the easiest and most elegant ways to spruce up a table setting. To inspire you, we are sharing four quick ways that will add personality to the table and set the scene for a meal to remember. Adding some foliage from the garden or simple flowers can really elevate the look which can also be customised to suit any celebration at any time of the year.



Start by laying out the napkin flat on a table with the good side facing down. Take one corner of the napkin and fold it over to the opposite corner to form a triangle. Roll the napkin loosely from the short side towards the long side to get a long strip. Then take both ends and tie a knot in the middle. You can play with the placement of it on the plate by turning both ends in opposite directions (as seen here) or leave it long and place it diagonally across the plate.



Fold the napkin in half and half again to get a square. Fold again in half to get a rectangular shape. Turn it horizontally and using a foliage stem, tie a knot in the middle so it looks like a bow when placed on a plate. We've used small eucalyptus stems here but you can use any foliage stem that is flexible, or use a piece of twine to tie the middle and push a piece of foliage through. A napkin ring will work equally well.



This one is super easy. Simply fold the napkin in half twice to get a square and then roll. Tie with a piece of foliage in the middle or use a napkin ring to achieve a similar look.



Lay out the napkin flat on a table with the good side facing up. Slide your forefinger under the napkin to the centre and lift up the napkin so it hangs over the finger. Now bunch up the top and use a piece of foliage to tie the top section in place. Fan out the bottom on the plate to create a relaxed look.


Our Roha Cotton Napkins are versatile, easy to dress up or down and will fit in with any table-scapes that you have planned. They have been entirely hand made from 100% cotton by artisans working in a fair trade environment in Ethiopia.


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