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Our edit of 10 independent businesses to shop this Christmas

We wanted to share some of our favourite brands with you. Many of them share our ethical philosophy and produce items that would make really unique gifts for loved ones, or for yourself (we all need treats this year). Rickus Ra Jennifer has an eye for beautiful things from around the world, but she also makes these absolutely gorgeous rainbows by hand. We have them in our own homes, and they boost our moods, bring a dose of colour and support the makers movement in one go! At only £22 per rainbow, they are a lovely gift for key workers, for kids rooms, or also just to lift spirits. They are the only rainbows that have not faded in my windows. LA Basketry We met Tabara at the Renegade fair three years ago on a snowy day when the customers were snowed out. She has gone on to produce this amazing book, perfect for a crafty lockdowner, who can learn to make all sorts of baskets from scratch. This book will teach you how to master the versatile art of basketry. Each of the four chapters tackles the different materials and their subsequent techniques, including grasses, rope, twine and cane. Organic Savannah Based in Kenya, Organic Savannah produces heavenly soaps, balms and candles with 100% of profits reinvested into the artisans and social good. We've sampled the lip balm and avocado soaps and recommend them for sensitive skin and those looking for natural ingredients. We like the idea of giving soap with our hand-towels this year, with all the hand washing thats taking place. You can purchase our hand-towels on their site too if of interest. Comfort & Joy If you are London based, the restaurant Jikoni has created home delivery boxes with the most incredible menus taking inspiration from around the world. Every order will also provide a meal for a member of the vulnerable and homeless in London and the UK with their partners, the amazing Nishkam SWAT. If you can't spend a dinner with someone, you can always treat them to a lovely meal, and you'll be supporting those in need too. Cajuu Rich in flavour and heritage, Cajuu is packing up Tanzania's best cashew nuts and flavouring them with unique Tanzanian ingredients like Lake Natron salt and Moa mangoes. One of my favourites is their luxurious rose and saffron flavoured Cashew Nut and Date Bites which come in plastic free and eco-friendly packaging. Supporting farmers in a fair trade chain in Tanzania, these are a lovely gift and pair beautifully with our nibble bowls. Liha We met Liha and Abi at the beginning of our QÄSA QÄSA journey and have been using their Idan oil ever since. LIHA was born from the desire to create a luxe natural and organic skincare brand that blends the rich botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies. Vegan and cruelty free beauty that smells divine. Zaytoun Produced from rain-fed and hand-picked olives that have been pressed on the day they were picked, this award-winning extra virgin olive oil from Palestine connects you to farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for generations. It's naturally organic, ethically sourced and grown with wisdom. This was the world's first olive oil to be awarded the fair trade mark, paving the way for olive growers around the world. Zaytoun is a community interest company who also sell an array of spice, herbs and grains. An absolute favourite of ours and one that's hard to beat. Akojo Marketplace They have the most beautiful range of clothes, jewellery, homeware and children's items, all made from ethical brands in Africa. Their soft toys are made by a South-African brand called Toy Project. A community-based initiative for previously unemployed women of the Groenfontein Valley and the Wittedrift community. Each toy is 100% handmade and reflects an individual style and personal expression. Lotus Bites Jumana was inspired by her mother to create the brand YUMTAZ which sells delicious lotus seed bites. Lotus seeds are an aquatic crop used in ayurveda & traditional Chinese medicine. A superfood which is filled with an abundance of iron, fibre, protein, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc and antioxidants. Available in a superb range of flavours including their most popular 'Sweet Chilli'. The Hot Jalapeno and Garlic & Herbs are also divine and a personal favourite. Another lovely gift to go alongside our nibble bowl. Clo Coffee We were drawn to Clo Coffee with their sleek packaging and info cards, and were amazed to see them working ethically in our region with coffee from Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda. They even have Ugandan Nespresso compatible capsules. With each blend, they offer full transparency as to where each coffee comes from including the story of the farm and cupping notes featuring great flavours to look out for. Common Ground Collective Buy a beautiful art kit as a gift and Common Ground will donate one to someone in need for Christmas. A gift for busy hands and quiet minds. They have calligraphy sets, clay sets, art sets and more. The Common Ground Collective is a charity founded to promote physical and mental wellbeing through art for people from marginalised communities.


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