Inspired By Refugees

We are continually inspired by the stories of our artisans - the journey they have endured and the beautiful pieces they have handcrafted.

Some of the artisans we work with are refugees. Their courage, strength and perseverance is heartening, but what inspires us most is their contribution to economic independence and resilience to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Our artisan partner WomenCraft, based out of Ngara in Tanzania, is doing incredible work to bring together refugees affected by civil war through the art of weaving. We are honoured to be working with them and share the remarkable stories of Josephine, Esperance and Nyamvura, Burundian refugee artisans who weave whilst living in the Mtendeli Camp in Tanzania.

Even though the camp has offered them a safe haven, they continue to make unimaginable sacrifices. Their stories share hope, solidarity and empowerment and their identity as humans - not refugees. These women are skilled craftspeople, mothers, daughters, friends, leaders and change makers, and in our minds - the real life superheroes.

The opportunity to work and earn a living is one of the most effective ways refugees can rebuild their lives in dignity and peace. We hope this video and the stories will inspire you as much as they've inspired us.



Continue on to read ESPERANCE'S and NYAMVURA'S inspiring stories


The plight of refugees around the world is heartbreaking and for many of us, it's on our doorstep and we have the power to help make a difference.

There are many organisations doing great work to support refugees in the UK, one of which is Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees (TWWR) - a charity that Naeema is closely involved with that supports Syrian refugee families settle in the UK. Through TWWR, Naeema also became involved with Migrateful - an initiative which empowers refugees and vulnerable migrants to run their own cookery classes.

Working with refugees is an incredibly humbling, rewarding and heartwarming experience which really puts life into perspective, reminding us how lucky we are.


TWWR is a charity run by a group of volunteer residents who welcome and support Syrian refugees arriving in Tunbridge Wells. As part of the national campaign to help resettle refugees across the UK, and working together with the local council and community support groups, TWWR's mission is to help families successfully integrate into the local community as they rebuild their lives after fleeing violence and conflict in Syria.